Our Story

How it all started...

For more than 18 months, God spoke with Pastor Darrell
about returning to Portsmouth, Ohio to start a church. He
resisted until one day he could resist no longer and
told God that he would return to Portsmouth, but that God
would have to tell his wife Christa. Little did Darrell know that
God had been speaking with Christa about the same mission.

Life Point Church first launched in January 2014 during a blizzard-
like snow storm. More than 250 people braved the storm
to learn about this new church in a movie theater. Soon the
church had two services and more than 300 attending.

From the beginning, Life Point Church has focused on
reaching those who do not know God personally and
building relationships through Life Groups. The life-
giving message of the Gospel, the passion and joy of
Sunday services, and the simple style of Life Point
continues to bring.

Today, Life Point has two services, continues to love
on its community through outreach, and supports the
start of other churches through its offerings.

"We exist to reach people far from God and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday at 9:30 am | 11 am | 12:30pm