"Our Next Big Step is about God using the generosity of this church to change more lives."
-Pastor Darrell

We need $500,000 to secure the loan necessary to purchase the Blackburn building. However, since we practice what we preach, we have $200,000 in the bank. That leaves us $300,000 to raise for this project.

"This project is not about a building, it is about reaching people, impacting more lives, and building a legacy."

Important dates to remember!

November 24th will be our Commitment Sunday. We are asking that you pray about what you will give toward this mission. To be clear, this number is what you believe you will be able to give toward this project above and beyond your normal giving in the next 6 months. We will have paper commitment cards available Sunday mornings leading up to this date for you to take and pray over. We also have a digital commitment card available here for your convenience.

December 1st is Be Rich Sunday! This year this big give will go toward our Next Big Step Campaign. DON'T WORRY, we will still be putting shoes on kids feet. Remember, our mission is not to buy a building, it is to "reach people far from God, and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus". We believe that the shoe give is a very important ministry that we get to be a part of. Life Point will be putting $40,000 dollars toward this mission out of our budget. We believe that by giving toward this campaign we will be able to do more ministry like the shoe give in the future!

To Sign up for an upcoming Vision Night click here >>

At our Vision Nights you will learn more about our history and what our Vision for the future is. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have! These nights will be hosted in the Blackburn's plaza in the old Curves building.

Check Out These Awesome Stories Of Life Change!

We are excited to see how God uses Life Point in this community moving forward. But, we can't forget what HE has already done here!

Tech Team

Ashlynn Deshon
My name is Ashlynn and I joined Life Point nine months ago. Before I was in Life Point I felt that there was something missing in my life. My mom had left the house a year before and it completely torn me apart. We weren’t that close but her leaving really made me feel like there was no hope in my life, I became very depressed and resentful to everyone that was around me. I would be in school and hear how classmates would talk about church and how they loved it and I wanted to feel that love. I heard about life point through a friend and decided that I would go one week. When I walked through the doors I was immediately embraced with kindness and joy from everyone that I encountered. Worship began and that’s when I felt the presence of God in the room and that’s when I knew I wanted more of that feeling. After only a month of attending Life Point I made the biggest decision of my life, become one with Christ through baptism. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, when I was in the water I heard God talking to me and I was crying tears of joy, knowing that I’ve found my place with him and this church. Ive since been in Crave with my friends and it was a great bonding experience that I was so happy to be apart of. I’m now in a life group lead by Maddie Brewer with a few others and I feel that this is the beginning of better relationships with all of them. I’ve also joined the tech team and I’m loving every second of it and making new friendships with the tech and worship team. I still have my ups and downs in life and I still make my mistakes, but I now know that I have God on my side and he will always be there with me no matter how hard things may be.

Tech Team

Maddie Brewer
Before Life Point, I attended a church just down the road. I had been going there since I was born. I was your “picture perfect” church kid. Never missed a Sunday, always participated, etcetera. I grew up with the notion that women weren’t allowed to do anything in the church as far as leadership or serving goes. I had heard about Life Point from my sister before it was even a thing. She had told me that she was serving in the kids department and I thought it to be weird since she was female but I let it go. It wasn’t until my 8th grade year in school that I decided to try it out with my sister. My mom was staunchly against it because she had always wanted me to go to church with her no matter what. When I sat through that first service at Life Point, I felt different. I worshipped different. I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I kept coming with my sister every week that I was allowed. I started serving more in Kids Point with her and her husband and I loved it. I’ve been at Life Point for about 5 years now and it has changed me more than I ever thought it would. I have grown more in my relationship with Christ and have found a love for serving that I never knew I had. I have found my gift within the teams and began to utilize them the best I can. I have built relationships with people that I know will last a lifetime. After being here for 5 years, I have participated in many life groups and even led one. This experience has allowed me to open up myself and become more grounded in my faith. I have gained real friends and I wouldn’t change a single second of it.


  • How soon will we be in the building?
Our initial target date is Easter 2021. However, with any building project, there are many factors beyond our control including building inspections. 
  • What would be the term of the loan?
Here at LifePoint, we practice what we preach with finances. Though we believe a loan
is the best way to accelerate the vision of getting our permanent home, we also want to
steward the generosity of our church by having the best loan possible as well as paying off the loan as quickly as possible in order to maximize ministry now and in the future. 
  • How many services will we have in the new building?
Due to the additional seating we will start two services in our new home.
  • How will the layout of the building be decided?
We will maximize ministry and ministry needs with our new home. We will work together
as a team to ensure we’re able to meet the needs of what we do best. The auditorium
will be configured based on ceiling heights. 
  • How many square feet is the building?
The building has 49,000 square feet. We are currently in 17,500 square feet with both
Buildings combined.
  • What is the cost of the building?
The projected cost is $2.5 million and this includes the build out needed for occupancy.
  • How many seats in the auditorium?
Our initial phase will seat 550-600. The second phase will seat 800.
  • What is the purpose of the retail store?
With more space in our new home, we will be able to expand ministry which will lead to
more life change for our community. We’ll be able to reach and care for more people right here in Portsmouth. However, we also want to be the best stewards of our finances as well as the space God has entrusted us with. With our new home, we’ll be able to offer 17,000-18,0000 sq ft that we can lease out, which will help us pay off our mortgage quicker. 
  • Why are we buying a building instead of building a new structure?
Building a new commercial structure costs around $85.00 a square foot. To purchase
this building we are paying around $20.00 a square foot.
  • Why not just stay at the building we are at?
We are currently in a lease in our current space. Buying this new property and
renovating the project will allow us to own our own home which means we’re stewarding our generosity to the best of our ability. 
  • How much parking will we have?
We will have the space in front of the building and one section all the way to the large
Jade East sign. We also share the parking lot with other businesses towards
Rural King. Vinyl Craft is closed on Sunday so that parking lot could be used;  plus, there
are an additional 50 spots behind the building.
  • What about the Gas Station?
The gas station is a property for sale closer to the road. It is owned by the same family
and they are looking for a buyer. We will not be purchasing the gas station.
  • Is the loan amount the total to complete the project?
The loan amount is the total projected cost, including the renovation, and will be
monitored by a financial team that has Life Point’s best interest in mind. We will stay on budget. 
  • What will our mortgage cost us monthly?
We are working with local banks to receive the best possible rates for us. While we do not have this locked in yet, we will ensure we are getting the best rates. We do know that the projected mortgage rates are comparable to our current lease situation. 
  • Where will the church offices be located?
We will have offices in our new home.
  • Will ARC give money toward the campaign?
No. ARC’s mission is to fund new church plants, like we did 6 years ago. However,
through our relationship with ARC, we are able to receive guidance on this project. 
  • What type of retail are we looking for to rent the commercial space?
We are looking for any local business or national chain that would be interested. If you
have any ideas please contact us so we can get that idea connected to the right people.
  • Will the tenant build out first?
We will be planning on doing the build out of the retail first. This is called a white wash
Will be the basic structure. The tenant will come in and do things to the

  • Will we do the build out ourselves or will we hire it out the project?
We will contract the work out. We will do this for two reasons, accountability of the
project deadlines and making sure the job is finished to expectations.